Companies that provide online training or learning opportunities have several options when it comes to selecting a learning management system (LMS). Most companies assume they can build their own custom eLearning solution from scratch (a costly and timely process requiring a team of experienced developers to create). On the other hand, they can purchase an out-of-the-box LMS that has a set suite of features that looks like an outside product. But there’s a better solution for eLearning – white label LMS.

A white label LMS effectively bridges the gap between purchasing a diluted, out-of-the-box LMS and building your own. Additionally, it’s cost-effective and allows for brand-building to make an LMS your own distinctive product.

So, if your organization needs a better way to provide eLearning opportunities for a range of clients, customers, and end-users, then consider all the ways a white label LMS can take your organization to the next level of online education. Custom LMS provides the flexibility to grow your eLearning goals.

What is a White Label LMS?

A white label LMS is a learning management system built by another company for your specific brand and specifications. However, it includes your customizations, logos, and designs. The term “white label” stems from commercial products which are unmarked and sold to various retailers to use as their products. But in the LMS world (and especially with the best white label LMS providers), the LMS your company uses is much more than a basic and unchangeable product.

A white label LMS has no signs of the background company that built your learning management system, like a “powered by” moniker or a URL with the original LMS developer’s web address. Instead, it looks, feels, and functions as your organization’s LMS inside and out. There are no telltale signs that a third party was involved in the production of your LMS.

What Are the Benefits of a White Label LMS?

There are numerous features that put a white label LMS above and beyond a straightforward learning management system. Let’s discover these benefits, which include the following.

Custom LMS and Branding

The biggest benefit when it comes to an organization’s marketing and brand loyalty efforts is that a white label LMS is completely branded as their product. The theme, image, and feel are perfectly aligned with the organization’s design and aesthetics. Additionally, there are no extra logos or verbiage that link the LMS to the original, third-party developer.

These branding essentials also boil over into how end-users access and use the LMS. The URL and/or login page they will use will be inherently connected to the organization. This includes personalized emails and other marketing and informational tools the organization sends to current or prospective clients.

Moreover, once a white label LMS has been crafted for your company, it is your product, from the login page to the certificates for the successful completion of courses. You’ll never have to worry about not achieving the design elements and features that align with your company’s brand because they will all be an essential part of your LMS from the start.

Flexibility and LMS Customization

Another important aspect of a white label LMS is that the customization options are virtually endless. It allows your organization ample flexibility when it comes to how you design and distribute your courses. You can create features and functionalities to meet specific requirements based on the educational milestones you need to reach. Furthermore, you can adapt your LMS to different industries or sectors to grow your end-user base and your business.


A white label LMS can be surprisingly cost-effective as well, simply because all the features, designs, and other elements are provided for you right from the start. By using an LMS created by an experienced third-party provider but branded as your own, you can enjoy the utmost levels of customization without having to spend countless hours, costs, and resources on developing your unique and distinctive product.

Enhances User Experience

With an out-of-the-box LMS, end-users may need to go to an external website, download an app, or perform other operations to simply reach the training and eLearning courses they need to complete. This is not the case with a white label LMS. A white label LMS has seamless integration with your existing systems and platforms. Since the high level of customization, organizations can create a personalized eLearning experience for all their current and future learners.

Increased Productivity, Efficiency, and Learning

Organizations also have more transparent and effective ways to distribute, monitor, and track their online courses or educational materials with a white label LMS. Centralized management of learning content and data makes all materials easy to access and you can edit as needed. Additionally, there are extensive reporting and analytics tools that will allow organizations to gauge the success of their eLearning efforts and adjust as needed.

Partner with the Best White Label LMS Provider with KMI Learning

It’s important to bear in mind that not all LMS service providers are created equal. Therefore, in order to enjoy all the features above and miles more, you need to partner with an experienced and client focused LMS provider that puts customer support and satisfaction first.

This is where KMI Learning steps in.

At KMI Learning, we will work with you every step of the way to build an LMS that meets all your specifications and accomplishes your eLearning needs from start to finish. We’re available well after you launch your new LMS to answer questions, provide support, and conduct updates as needed. Additionally, we perform required maintenance and enhancements behind the scenes to ensure optimal operation.

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