The success of a company’s educational and training programs for personnel begins with choosing the optimal Learning Management System (LMS). Your LMS will effectively dictate the efficiency, accessibility, and ROI of your training programs. Therefore, picking the best LMS out of a crowded field of options is arguably one of the most difficult aspects of launching an online training program.

Companies that start with inflexible and/or out-of-the-box LMS solutions often run into challenges from the get-go. A poorly crafted LMS can cause a wave of challenges that continually surface long after your training program is launched. The challenges range from having issues with developing and creating your training programs to your specifications to seeing a drop in user engagement and retention.

Personalized Learning Journey with Custom LMS

This is why businesses need to put just as much thought and research in choosing the best LMS solutions into their course or training materials. A custom eLearning development system that checks all the boxes can conversely streamline the process of continued employee training. Additionally, it can make the job of leaders and educators a lot easier every step of the way.

Identifying the best custom LMS for your business’ unique training needs might seem like a hefty task at first, especially since there are so many options. But with a few smart moves and a few smart questions, a business can ensure that they partner with the best custom LMS solutions provider for their distinctive ambitions.

The Increasing Importance of LMS in Modern Businesses

As companies look for ways to cut costs while adapting to their workers’ needs, online training is becoming a popular and attractive option. An effective LMS covers all training requirements formerly conducted in a classroom or at a designated brick-and-mortar site. As a result, this shift to eLearning saves money, time, and resources for everyone involved.

Employees can learn on their own steam without sacrificing time on travel and sitting in a classroom. Businesses also save costs on location, resources, and all the extra expenses that naturally accompany in-person training.

In addition, personnel prefer an online environment for training. A recent study found that 98% of workers want to work and learn remotely at least some of the time, and as the world shifts to a remote workplace, eLearning is becoming the norm. Best of all, when using the right custom LMS solution, businesses see better knowledge retention and results, with an enhanced ability to track and monitor the ROI of their training efforts.

Understanding Custom LMS

Before selecting an eLearning solutions provider, it helps to understand the different types of LMS products available and their advantages or disadvantages.

What is the Difference Between off-the-shelf and Custom LMS?

An off-the-shelf LMS generally has a few customizable features. For example, they can upload or plug in your company’s logo, course materials, and other business-specific data. However, educators and end users need to adapt to how the LMS works, instead of the other way around.

Generally speaking, there are limitations regarding what can be included in an out-of-the-box LMS. This consists of the type of content (like multimedia, interactive elements, and other features) and the backend details. There may be additional requirements to access and use the training platform, like downloading special software or an app, logging into a website or separate portal, or utilizing a specific device – (I.e., desktop computer versus mobile phone). This puts training programs at a disadvantage from the start, as end users may have difficulty accessing the training.

An out-of-the-box LMS may be a good option for businesses that need to conduct just one or two minor training sessions on a set topic – like human resources policies. But a custom LMS is a better solution for more in-depth training that allows personnel to grow their expertise and skill sets.

What are the Advantages of Implementing a Custom LMS?

A custom LMS development allows a business to go beyond basic training, and there is a wide array of benefits that come with custom LMS solutions.

Increases Efficiency

Your program leaders and your personnel will have an easier time navigating and maintaining a custom LMS because the features and requirements all depend on your unique needs. Custom LMS allows multiple end users to access a training program at once from multiple devices, has easier login parameters based on your specifications, and is easier to use across the board.

Enhances Retention

An effective eLearning solution is not just images and texts. It should include interactive features, quizzes, multimedia elements, and custom LMS development tools that engage end users and increase retention. A custom LMS can be created to do exactly that in order to optimize the eLearning experience.


A custom LMS is a better option for companies that want to expand their training programs as their company – and their personnel – continue to grow. With a custom LMS, you can easily implement new eLearning opportunities or adapt your training programs to suit specific employees and training needs.

Opportunity for Economic Growth

The best custom LMS solutions are completely branded as a business product, with no indication that they originally came from a behind-the-scenes expert developer. This means that businesses have an opportunity to share and sell their eLearning training programs as their own product, creating a new opportunity for future growth and income.

The Best Benefits of a Custom LMS is to Start with an Exceptional Partner

Custom LMS development depends on listening to and addressing every business’s unique needs and challenges, and at KMI Learning, that’s exactly what we do.

We are inherent solution providers, and we tailor every custom LMS to our clients’ distinctive parameters to ensure long-term success. From the first conversation to customer support long after your personnel uses your LMS, KMI Learning is your long-term partner for launching and maintaining training programs that don’t just do the job but exceed expectations.

Let’s discuss the learning goals that will help your business grow and thrive. Together, we can craft a custom LMS that gives your company a new level of efficiency, education, and growth across the board.

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