An exceptional learning management system (LMS) provides much more than straightforward content that is delivered to a defined set of end users. Instead, a powerful LMS serves as an essential tool for an organization’s growth by providing LMS custom content, enhancing knowledge retention, and finding new students, partners, suppliers, stakeholders, and collaborators that will allow an organization to expand. This is where an extended enterprise LMS can create a bridge between an organization’s current training or eLearning needs to the next plateaus of success.

Extended enterprise eLearning can set an organization apart from its competitors when it comes to building relationships with new customers or partners. It can also enhance an organization from the ground up by creating the best online training available for the work at hand.

At KMI Learning, we are experts at launching and maintaining extended enterprise eLearning opportunities because we understand that the process always starts at an individualized level.

Every organization has unique challenges and hurdles that are slowing down their path to success. Therefore, only by understanding these distinctive obstacles can a new plan for growth and productivity be achieved.

What are the Advanced Features of Extended Enterprise LMS?

In simplest terms, an extended enterprise learning management system (LMS) is a platform that allows organizations across all sectors to implement learning and training programs beyond the basic boundaries of the organization alone.

An extended enterprise LMS is both multi-pronged and streamlined. End users can access engaging learning content required to fulfill education or training obligations. However, the LMS can also cater to a broad range of needs and can serve multiple ends uses with different goals all at once.

The key is to have an LMS custom-tailored to your end users, and a central portal where you can track results and performance and distribute content as needed. Though every organization is different in terms of the scope and specifications of its ambitions, here are just a couple of examples of a client-focused extended enterprise LMS in action.

Effective Extended Enterprise LMS Solutions for a Nonprofit Organization

When the California-based Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo (CAPSLO) came to KMI Learning, they were already changing thousands of lives on a daily basis.

Serving nearly 40,000 people in central and southern California, the organization spearheaded community programs and initiatives to eliminate poverty by empowering economic self-sufficiency.

However, employee training was key to achieving these milestones, and CAPSLO relied on traditional classroom training to teach their many team members who worked in the field. With seasonal staff, a high turnover rate, and strict compliance and verifiability requirements for its various funding sources, the result was costly and inefficient in-person training that simply didn’t work with the organization’s fast-paced needs.

This is Where KMI Learning Stepped In

Through a collaboration with CAPSLO, we discovered together that the solution was twofold: create training that was easily accessible and engaging (with measurable results) and provide a platform for seamless content delivery.

Rather than eliminate in-person training, which had always been the organization’s model, the new online modules could relate to classroom sessions, be utilized as stand-alone educational tools, or be used as post-classroom instruments to ensure knowledge retention. All of the interactive elements of the classroom training were incorporated, complete with real-life scenarios, to provide exceptional training that reflected the actual work involved.

Since all the LMS custom content was managed in a single platform (featuring everything from webinars to online courses), staff, managers, and everyone had streamlined access to the exact training they required for their positions.

Today, CAPSLO can provide replicable staff training precisely when it’s needed. Additionally, the organization can accomplish good work, thanks to diminished in-person training, and courses and curriculum can be easily added to strengthen their services to people in need.

Extended Enterprise Success for a Hospital Equipment Provider

The company Getinge provides hospital equipment to multiple users in the healthcare industry. However, providing training on how to operate these technical products was a challenge. Their existing LMS had content about their equipment and products but no guidance on what courses were required for various users to complete training requirements. In addition, the content was inherently bland (like any typical user manual), and engagement was a key problem, with no way to maintain attention and ensure retention.

This is where KMI Learning made the difference.

The first step was to launch a WordPress site that could serve as a central organizational hub outlining which courses best suit end users. Putting the power of maintaining and editing the site in Getinge’s hands, the organization could easily guide what course(s) were required for any end user and connect their users to the learning materials via clearly accessible links.

Once this organizational structure was set up, Getinge could expand by offering multiple courses categorized by country, language, product, and more, allowing the company to grow its customer base. In addition, the interactive learning modules made the imperative training materials much more digestible than a simple link to a PDF user’s guide, enhancing their customer support and putting them a step above competitors.

By enhancing the organization of its content and increasing its outreach, Getinge’s web traffic increased from roughly 3,800 user logins to more than 9,300 user logins. This marked an approximate 245% increase in web traffic and subsequent brand recognition by medical facilities around the globe.

Embrace Success with an Extended Enterprise LMS solution That is Focused on You

Getinge and CAPSLO were two valued clients in two distinctive situations, but both had ample room to grow if they could overcome their current LMS obstacles.

Though every client is different, this is a common and general theme when it comes to expanding your audience, your ability to share knowledge and your bottom line. You have your own unique set of challenges that are holding you back from performing at your best.

Our team at KMI Learning are experts at helping you grow, and all our LMS solutions are customized and start with a conversation.

Reach out to us today, and tell us about your ambitions, as well as what’s slowing you down. Together, we’ll find an extended enterprise eLearning solution that won’t hold you back from fulfilling your potential.


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