The security of your organization depends on secure actions of every employee, every day. Universally, cyberattacks are on the rise and growing in sophistication. Employees must make the right decisions when faced with risks, and therefore they must be equipped with the most up-to-date and memorable cyber security training. Security awareness training for employees is something I think we can all agree is of utmost importance in today’s day and age.

Security Awareness Training for Employees

As a single unfortunate example, recent advancements in anonymous payment system such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have revitalized a type of malicious software known as “Ransomware”. Ransomware will block access to your digital assets using military-grade encryption. The malicious software then demands payment for the key to decrypt those digital assets on your workstation or server.

According to some estimates, the vast majority of “phishing” emails are now armed with ransomware. Every member of your organization needs training to deal with malicious emails, malware, and how to ensure infections do not spread internally on USB drives or by connecting to rouge networks. The unintentional action of a single untrained employee can directly cause dire financial and reputational consequences for your organization.

Ransomware has many avenues in which it can inflict pain on your organization. Threat vectors such as Email, software, USBs, which are required for business operations but pose risks to your organization and therefore must be handled accordingly by company members trained in security best practices.

Security Awareness Training for EmployeesInfrared Security  and KMI Learning have teamed up to bring your business a formidable offering to help train every member of your organization and arm them with the knowledge to use computing equipment safely and securely. We present to you the General Security Awareness Course, designed to provide security awareness training for employees and all other personnel. This e-learning module is beautifully animated and professionally voiced, and is designed to walk through key areas of security that pose threats to your organization.

Security awareness training for employees, such as this course use common workplace situations with memorable characters to explain the threats, and more importantly, the correct behaviors to minimize risks and keep your organization safe.

Topics include:


  • Building Logistics
  • Workspace Security
  • Secure Workstation
  • Software Security
  • Securely Browsing Websites
  • Handling Sensitive Data
  • Interacting with People
  • External Networks
  • External Devices
  • Working Remotely

The training takes about an hour to complete, and is well worth the investment for the piece of mind and assurance that your organization has been trained to handle the most common attacks. Try the free course demo today and see for yourself just how easy it is to implement in the workspace. For more information visit our website.

Custom Security Awareness Content

Your company has just endured yet another security breach. One of your employees left an open iPad on a table with friends at Starbucks. One of the friends jokingly sent an email to the employee’s entire department. The contents of that email were, shall we say, colorful.

The thing is you had conducted security awareness training for all employees. How could this employee have made such a silly mistake? Well, first of all the employee might make better choices in friends. But beyond that, why didn’t the training change the behavior? Why wasn’t this employee aware of potential security hazards?

Obviously, security awareness success is an effective combination of implementation of the technologies available to prevent compromises and appropriate human behaviors. While it may be tricky to keep pace with changing technology, it may be even trickier to impact the behaviors that can lead to security issues. Training is definitely a huge piece of this puzzle.

While there are many options available for generic off-the-shelf security awareness eLearning, these courses may not really address the specific security challenges of your organization. At one Financial Services organization, security of systems, processes, and information was critical to the corporation’s success and growth. And, security of clients’ information was a cornerstone of their corporate values. Because of the Company’s business, their security concerns were very specific. The Company faced a challenge: how to formalize these security awareness protocols so that it was easily accessible, consistent, adaptable and applicable across the global population. And, perhaps, most importantly, how to ensure that sharing this information would truly improve behaviors.

Creating an online training program that demonstrated the tools, behaviors, policies and procedures around security requirements provided an exciting, engaging and memorable vehicle for educating the corporate population, scalable and accessible across business units, departments and global offices. KMI Learning developed a series of rich eLearning modules, following a narrative scenario style that provided the underlying security foundation in a compelling way and that is accessible on –demand, to every employee world-wide. Not only that but the courses revolved around a set of characters that were relatable and were in situations that were unique to the Company. Employees saw themselves in these situations. They saw how the policies could and should be applied to their daily work life. They were able to practice decision-making and applying security awareness strategies within the modules with no ramifications for the Company. While these interactions were fun, they were also memorable, easily brought to mind when similar situations arose in real life.

As a result of this Security Awareness program, the Company has experienced a significant, quantifiable, positive change in employee behavior related to security. There has been a significant decrease in security breaches and improvement in routine security measures. And, employees are vested in the series, they anticipate the updates and look forward to seeing in what new situations the characters find themselves.

No longer would an employee not think about leaving an iPad untended!