Comprehensively defining eLearning can be a challenging and daunting prospect. But in his article, “Starting an eLearning Program – Here Are The Basics,” (2015) Ted Stoecker does just that. In addition, Stoecker makes the world of eLearning accessible to organization leaders and managers who are looking to increase the effectiveness of training. He also addresses other important aspects of eLearning programs, such as cost, user-friendliness, and some of the challenges faced by organizational decision-makers who are grappling with the dynamic arena of employee training.

eLearning is a phenomenon of the technological age. Even so, this technical approach to training may seem futuristic. In fact, we are increasingly dependent on technology to learn new information, or to augment information that we already have. Broadly stated, even those of us who were trained by shadowing a senior employee have used more modern methods to augment what we’ve learned at the workplace. A large percentage of the general population uses mobile technology, and uses mobile devices to query, and obtain, information. This is even more pronounced when one considers Millennials: an entire generation of people for whom technology is simply part of the fabric of daily living. So, while employing an eLearning program for training a new generation of employees is a must, it is fast becoming vital to effectively training our existing workforce as well.

eLearning can be used to provide the information that is common to the entire industry of Logistics and Warehousing. Federal and State regulations, health and safety guidelines, general equipment operations and other standard operational practices can all be taught using training programs customized for that use. The eLearning program can also be customized for organization- or even department-specific needs. Such is the flexibility and adaptability of eLearning.

Rather than creating and developing an entire department within your organization to address this aspect of training, talk to an eLearning specialist about the programs and methods that work best for you and your organization. The original article was posted on the P&O blog, an e-learning resource for the distribution and manufacturing industry. To read the whole article on how eLearning can enhance the effectiveness of your training programs click here.