In his article, “What is Custom Content Training?” (2015), Ted Stoecker discusses the benefits of utilizing custom eLearning for the specific needs of individual warehousing and logistics companies.

According to Stoecker, while some training is generic – that is, common to the warehousing and logistics industry – each individual company is unique, with its own procedures, terms, and training requirements. This can be confusing, especially for the new employee. Since e-learning can be customized to the unique requirements of each company, new employees can be brought up to speed quickly and effectively with custom content training.

Custom content e-learning is also very flexible and adaptable. “Because custom eLearning courses are designed in smaller segments that fit together seamlessly, any one segment can be changed without affecting the rest of the course,” says Stoecker.

Technology has a habit of changing the way we do things. Fast. An inability or unwillingness to embrace technology can have very serious consequences, especially when training new employees. And when those new employees are part of the millennial generation, using custom content training can be critical to effectively and quickly training a workforce.

Millennials are very comfortable with technology: they grew up with it. Previous generations have been content to learn basic tasks without much personal engagement. But the Millennial generation works best when they are given the opportunity to engage with the material. The flexibility and adaptability of e-learning custom content provides a platform for learning that is engaging for millennials, as well as employees from other generational communities.

The original article was posted on the P&O blog, an e-learning resource for the distribution and manufacturing industry. To read the original article click here.

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