Talented Learning Top 5 Customer LMS 2016Talented Learning, an independent research and consulting firm for learning technology buyers and sellers, just announced the winners of their 2nd Annual LMS Vendor Awards. These awards showcase the best-of-the-best in learning management.  And, right at the top of the list for a Customer LMS is KMI Learning.

Most Learning Management Systems are difficult to navigate without instruction, forcing users to play by the system’s rules. Many resemble clunky databases created by and for programmers.

Designed specifically with the end user in mind, a customer-centered LMS must be intuitive and easy to use.  Learners should be able to find their courses on their own, and administrators should be able to assign courses and run reports with little instruction.

So why did Talented Learning choose KMI Learning as the top Customer LMS?

Because KMI understands the importance of ease of use with a system that is more comfortable for a Facebook user than it is for someone who works with databases.

Medline University, a customer of KMI Learnings since 2009, is a perfect example. MedlineUniversity.com, Medline’s outward facing LMS, was not drawing traffic. It was burdensome and difficult to navigate.  Medline tasked KMI Learning with rebuilding the site for growth. Within the first year, the new site was gaining 10,000 new users per month. Today, it is serving over 60,000 courses every month. Customers are continually turning to Medline University, not just for the variety of courses/course formats (SCORM, video, PDF, webinar, etc.) or the custom reporting, but also because the site keeps track of their CE credits obtained through Medline as well as other sites.

As a result, Medline, and other customers, keep coming back to KMI Learning for their award winning service and their ability to customize their LMS for any need. KMI Learning is proud to have won the distinguished Customer LMS Award for 2016.