Recently, I have been reading many e-learning content development discussion boards and there seems to be a consistent interest in ” compelling e-learning”, a consistent belief that it is difficult to find and a consistent premise that what “it” is varies for everyone.What is compelling e-Learning?

Well, as a user, I feel it is custom e-learning content development, or off-the-shelf e-learning content development, that keeps me engaged throughout the course, teaches me in a memorable way what I want to learn or am compelled to learn when I want/need to learn it, and applies to my daily work or life. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But what I may find compelling, may not speak to you. Or can it? As part of a highly talented e-Learning content development  team, I can tell you that we spend a great deal of our time really understanding the target audience. For customer service skill training, is the team young, technically savvy, game-oriented? How much time will they have at any given moment to spend on a course? For a communication skills training course, the audience demographic may be much broader: globally diverse, some more technically skilled than others and the course may be a mandatory course. The design approach for this course will and should be different than for the customer service course.


But can they both be “compelling”? My answer is a resounding “YES!”Of course, we are not talking about rapid eLearning here. We are talking about well- designed (instructionally, graphically and technically) courses. These take time, thought, solid content, and financial resources. If you truly want “compelling” e-learning look for e-learning companies who specialize in custom e-learning content development, who excel at customer relationships, who want to understand your business as well, if not better, than you do and who bring accomplished design and technical expertise.


You can find just such an e-learning partner at KMI Learning.