Many companies are faced with challenging issues regarding the appropriate use of email. A variety of email etiquette training skills can be effectively taught through creative e-Learning modules. Are you struggling with employees using poor language, venting anger and sending emails to the incorrect recipients? These kind of incidences can mean embarrassment for an organization and may even lead to legal complications. One of our global clients in the financial services sector was particularly concerned about the potential negative impact of such poor use of email. Working closely with the client’s internal subject matter experts enabled the training content development phase to smoothly address their specific issues.The e-Learning module followed the email activities of an employee throughout a week and incorporated opportunities to address the effect of poorly considered emails and the resulting impact.

fc698135fe6f244ad60720c630a9a99c_w640The use of photo imagery (actual employees were used to keep costs down) and a compelling and realistic narrative produced a skills training module that was memorable and engaging.


The actual tools of an employee were used as interactive hot spots to guide the learner through the learning points. Fun, yet natural and applicable to the work environment.


It is not often that we can correct our mistakes in the real world. This module afforded the learner just that opportunity. The approach was effective across the global reach of the  organization and  assured that the corporate client effectively achieved their learning objectives.

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Margie Herron

Margie Herron

Director Business Development Margie Herron has been an executive manager and senior sales executive for the past 25 years, specializing in custom services and products. Herron has managed several key accounts in the technology, service, finance, healthcare, non-profit and manufacturing sectors. Since the early 2000’s, her focus has been on custom eLearning content development and LMS implementation. Herron has orchestrated activities of teams that have been recognized with 12 Brandon Hall Custom Content Awards. Through her role as Business Development Director at KMI Learning, Margie brings unique experience in not only account management and customer relationships but also has broad knowledge in learning and development challenges, objectives and strategies. Her past management experience brings a skill set sensitive to, and understanding of, the environment faced by her clients. She collaborates with clients of all sizes on their specific business and learning objectives in a consolidated effort to achieve those goals through innovative and comprehensive solutions. Helping clients create true learning organizations that excite, engage and grow employees is the real motivation for Margie’s efforts.