So you finally have a training budget for education and development. As part of the learning program, you want to incorporate custom online training and you have no idea where to turn for a qualified online training provider. The learning program will encompass a variety of topics and content areas from HR standards like onboarding to highly technical subjects such as computer compliance training and sales skills training. Just how do you go about finding the best vendor partner who will stay within your training budget? Oh, and it would be nice to find someone who can provide a SCORM or Tin Can (xAPI) compliant hosted learning management system as well!

There are a number of ways you can find excellent potential custom e-Learning/ LMS company partners. But there are a few things you should do first:

  1. Identify your stakeholders and key decision makers
  2. Obtain approval for and quantify your training budget for the key elements
  3. Identify exactly what your requirements and objectives are

Use many of the tools available such as:

  • e-Learning Discovery/Scoping Tools
  • LMS Requirements Checklists
  • ROI Tools

Identify your timelines for the implementation of an LMS and development of the courseware

  • Confirm that these are realistic

After you have completed your internal due diligence, then you can proceed to vendor research. And, yes, this can be an overwhelming task but it certainly is easier today with all the tools available through the internet. Use those tools! And use your connections, whether it is through industry associations, training and development organizations, personal connections, or tools like LinkedIn and Plaxo. And find out who created the e-Learning that you have taken and found compelling. People are usually very willing to share this information.

Once you have identified potential partners, ask them to assist you. If a potential partner is hesitant to offer that help, spend time with you, share helpful tools and information with you, cross them off your list. Implementing a learning management system and creating custom e-Learning courseware is a “high touch” process. You want a partner who will provide that support and views it as a core competency, core value, and core service. And of course, stay within your training budget.

Margie Herron

Margie Herron

Director Business Development Margie Herron has been an executive manager and senior sales executive for the past 25 years, specializing in custom services and products. Herron has managed several key accounts in the technology, service, finance, healthcare, non-profit and manufacturing sectors. Since the early 2000’s, her focus has been on custom eLearning content development and LMS implementation. Herron has orchestrated activities of teams that have been recognized with 12 Brandon Hall Custom Content Awards. Through her role as Business Development Director at KMI Learning, Margie brings unique experience in not only account management and customer relationships but also has broad knowledge in learning and development challenges, objectives and strategies. Her past management experience brings a skill set sensitive to, and understanding of, the environment faced by her clients. She collaborates with clients of all sizes on their specific business and learning objectives in a consolidated effort to achieve those goals through innovative and comprehensive solutions. Helping clients create true learning organizations that excite, engage and grow employees is the real motivation for Margie’s efforts.