What is SCORM? It stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)

SCORM was defined by Department of Defence under the Advanced Distance Learning Initiative. On page 1-3 of “The SCORM Overview” they say “At its simplest, it is a model that references a set of interrelated technical specifications and guidelines designed to meet DoD’s high level requirements for Web-based learning content”

Talk about techno mumbo jumbo! Let’s rephrase that into lay terms.

SCORM is a set of specifications that describe how to build a web based course that will work in any SCORM compliant Learning Management System. It also describes how to build a learning system that can accept any SCORM compliant course content.

It is not some mystical creature that will make your course inviting, informative and engaging. It is not some assistant that comes along and makes your course work properly.

It is a very boring, highly technical, black and white piece of paper describing how to program a course or LMS system properly.

What does all of that mean to you?

Well first if you make your course SCORM compliant it will work in ANY SCORM Compliant LMS system. That means if your employer is using SABA today, and KMI’s LMS tomorrow, your course will work in both systems. If you make your content SCORM compliant, gone are the days of rebuilding them every time management decides to jump onto the next vendor’s product because of some recent sales pitch they heard.

You may also use SCORM to provide a certain feature in your course content. For example you might want your course to bookmark so the learner can start where he left off last time. If you utilize SCORM in this bookmarking feature your course will work the same regardless of what Learning Management System it’s running in.