Integrating Security Throughout The SDLC


Participants will understand the most important and essential security activities which can be conducted throughout the SDLC to reduce security issues.

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Duration: 1 hour to complete
Audience: Software Developers, Architects, and  Managers
Overview: The Integrating Security throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) course raises awareness of the critical security activities necessary to build secure software for any product team members, providing resources to help formalize a secure SDLC and guidance on auditing existing activities to find gaps in your existing program.
Participants in this course will learn the following:

  • What security activities should be performed during an application’s lifecycle
  • Provide resources to help guide the creation of a secure SDLC
  • Documents with more detail on security activities
  • Introduction to a security maturity model for your organization
  •  A method for gap assessment for your existing security activities

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