I’m sure that we can all agree that lower back injuries are a serious issue in the workplace and that they cost businesses thousands of dollars every year. Although injuries of some sort are inevitable over time, we do have the ability to greatly reduce and prevent back injuries with proper back safety training. In this post I am going to show you that there is a system that is proven to work in any occupational setting without hindering productivity, that system is the patented PowerLift® training program.

PowerLift® is not one of your typical back safety training programs – typical programs don’t work because employees are taught ineffective techniques that they inevitably stop using. Just one of the reasons those other methods don’t work is because they teach a lift that requires a deep knee bend. Anyone over 30 years old will try this lift one time and immediately revert to back lifting.

The patented PowerLift® wide-stance, over-the-load is a tried and tested method of lifting which optimizes the strength in your legs and saves your back. This revolutionary system has been used by over 800 companies worldwide and has trained nearly a half million employees to date.

PowerLift® training is a 5 phase system designed to provide a sustainable back safety training program that can benefit your business and your employees for years to come.Back Safety Training

  • Phase 1: Train The Trainer

    PowerLift’s Train the Trainer is an online or onsite training program that teaches your top employees to become safety trainers themselves so that they can assure that the technique is done properly and is used consistently from there on out.

  • Phase 2: Customize

    From a Library of 1,200 one page Safety Talks, we help you select the package that’s right for you. We can also come to your facility and develop original Safety Talks just for your company.

  • Phase 3: Train

    After your trainers have completed the Train the Trainer course it’s time to apply this to the real world. Your trainers train your people by doing their tasks in their environment, whether it be at the job site, distribution center, factory, or healthcare facility. PowerLift® lower back safety training can be applied to virtually any work environment.

  • Phase 4: Keep it Going

    Weekly Safety Talks, lifting examples at work and at home as well as posters and other material. This material will allow your business to continue the PowerLift® lower back safety training on a consistent basis after the initial training session.

  • Phase 5: Refresh and Reinforce

    Keep PowerLift® back safety training fresh in everyone’s mind with the 20 minute online elearning module. This refresher tracks completion and strengthens understanding. The module also acts as an online record keeping system, so you can keep track of who has done what and when.