The success of your extended enterprise or outward facing eLearning program is dependent on the success of your extended enterprise learning management system (LMS).

The backbone of your training starts with the professionals that will allow you to create white labeled LMS. This is your best option if you want to expand beyond in-house employee training and offer courses that connect with outside audiences. Let’s take a closer look at the key features that will enable you to accomplish your extended enterprise LMS goals.

The Role of Extended Learning Enterprise LMS Solution in Today’s World

Currently, the ability to deliver engaging courses without an in-person instructor or a classroom setting is more important than ever. This is especially true for leaders who want to share their knowledge, insight, and exceptional courses across all unique industries and sectors.

There are many companies that can assist with extended enterprise LMS. However, it requires the right partnership to establish the features you need without slowing you down.

From the easy integration of multimedia to maintaining the brand identity that makes custom LMS your complete training application, here are the features you must have to create a successful extended enterprise LMS endeavor.

Exceptional Branding and White Labeling

One of the first and most important aspects of identifying an LMS partner is ensuring that they can put your brand in the spotlight.

Your identity as an extended enterprise LMS provider depends on your company, logo, brand, and everything that comes with it – from font choices to color schemes.

Ideally, an LMS partner will allow you to easily enhance the basic look to create your brand’s style and identity. This means that with the use of custom LMS, you have access to personalizing your client logos on multi-tenant platforms.

Be wary of LMS providers that are out-of-the-box with specific themes that are static and unchangeable, as you want your business to shine throughout the incredible courses that you have provided.

Streamlining Training Processes with Simple-to-Use Extended Enterprise LMS

You put a lot of effort into the content, verbiage, and images that go into your eLearning solutions. Therefore, the last thing you need is to worry about the technical details of how to translate this amazing content into a fully formed course.

You need your LMS provider to do the heavy lifting and make your job easier when it comes to customizing eLearning for your unique training needs. Additionally, ensure your partner is up to the task of making your workload as seamless and manageable as possible.

Flexible Training Solutions

Online training takes place in all corners of the world. So, that means you need a learning management system that can connect to any device, medium, and all types of users. Some of your eventual trainees and students may try online courses for the first time, while others may obtain your LMS via a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

You don’t need the additional headaches of ensuring that your LMS is accessible by users with limited technological knowledge or whose only connection to online training is via a cell phone.

This is why ensuring your extended enterprise LMS solution fills these gaps is imperative. This will ensure your courses look remarkable and are easy to follow on any device.

Measuring Success: Tracking and Analyzing User Performance

The best extended enterprise eLearning programs are fluid and evolve with user feedback connected with the training programs material.

With this in mind, you must ensure that your LMS partner provides plenty of ways to ascertain these metrics through surveys, data collection, and analysis. With ample feedback, you can guarantee that your online sources are meeting the goals. Additionally, you also have flexibility to adjust and possibly improve as needed.

Personalized eLearning with One-on-One Assistance

All the above features are crucial for employing and executing an extended enterprise LMS. However, they can all fall short if you don’t have exceptional customer support for any gap or question in your course creation.

The best LMS partners are client-focused and connect with instructors one-on-one. Our team of experts ensures that any issues or queries can be handled efficiently and – more important – are resolved immediately.

Revolutionize Learning and Development with Extended Enterprise LMS

When it comes to training your internal or external workforce, you can comb through thousands of LMS providers offering out-of-the-box materials and a bit of customer support. However, when it comes to extended enterprise LMS solutions that can be adapted and utilized by corporations around the globe, you want a reliable partner with technical expertise to navigate a more evolved landscape of users, devices, and measurable results.

This is where KMI Learning shines above the competition. Through partnerships with companies and corporations across the board, we have created a background in learning management system that allows instructors and companies to effortlessly share their insights without worrying about the technical details behind the scenes.

KMI Learning is Your LMS Partner

Branded as your product, KMI Learning provides the exceptional foundation required to create eLearning programs that can be shared with anyone in the world, regardless of their technical expertise or the device they are using.

Let’s discuss how to take your online training to the next level. You can be confident that your global learning solutions are performing the best with KMI Learning on your side.

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